Wüsthof Bread Knife and Board Set

Wüsthof Bread Knife and Board Set

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German made Wüsthof Bread Knife and Cutting Board Set

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The Wüsthof Knife and Cutting Board Set is a great set for all of your kitchen needs. This sharp, precise knife is forged from one piece of tempered high carbon steel to ensure outstanding endurance and extraordinary sharpness thats easy to maintain. The comfortable slip resistant synthetic handle makes it easy to grip and hold as you cut your way through the toughest foods. The single serrated edge allows an easy flow of cutting some of the toughest foods like roasts, vegetables and hard breads. You get a prestigious knife along with a solid, wooden cutting board all in one! This package deal makes for a great gift, or you might keep it for yourself once you see just how amazing a Wüsthof knife is.

Grand Prix Bread knife Features:

  • 8 inch blade with a 5 inch handle
  • Single serrated
  • Stainless
  • Seamless, hygienic fit of the handle
  • Long-lasting extreme sharpness

The Knife and Cutting Board Set is a great combo that everyone loves, but if you're looking for that top of the line blade, take a look at the Classic Bread Knife. Its made from the same forged steel as the grand prix bread knife, but the edge is double serrated, which makes the classic in a league of its own. If that knife is a little more than you're use to, why not try the Gourmet Bread Knife? This single serrated beauty is also forged from the same steel as the classic, and can do great things. Its the best for a single serrated bread knife and is used widely in the restaurant business. We also have a commercial-grade bread knife called the PRO Bread Knife. Its pressed from alloyed steel and has a comfortable grip so you can cut smoothly and effortlessly every time.

All of the Wüsthof knives originate from Solingen, Germany. The Wüsthof name has been around since 1814, and they have set the industry standard for designing and manufacturing precision-forged knives. This German-based manufacturer is a respectable company with such a high standard, fine quality, and deep knowledge in the knife industry, we were sold on just how amazing these knives really are, and so will you.

Learn the proper technique of Honing and Sharpening your Knives in our post Knife Sharpening 101.

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