Wonder Junior Hand Mill

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There’s nothing quite like milling your own wheat. The Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill makes that possible. It’s convenient and easy to use.
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The Wonder Junior Deluxe hand mill is made from the highest quality materials, making it a reliable piece of equipment for your kitchen. This hand mill is so powerful that you’re able to crack grains with one pass. Not only will you get the high quality flour you desire from milling your own wheat but you can use it to grind spices, herbs, flax seed, and coffee.

People have been milling grain by hand since the beginning of time. It’s the best way to ensure you’re getting all of the nutrients intended for you by nature. Making your own flour no longer consists of the archaic methods once used. The Wonder Junior comes equipped with a 10-inch ergonomic hand crank, making it easy to use. It’s also quiet and efficient, making it a great addition to your kitchen. And since electricity isn't needed you're able to use it no matter the circumstances.

What You’ll Love:
  • the 10-inch, ergonomic hand crank
  • large, 1-quart hopper
  • stones
  • large, lifetime lubricated bearings
  • 2-inch, gripping clamp for use on a counter top
  • flour guide
  • cleaning brush
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