Knife Accessories

Knife Accessories

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Knives are a mandatory tool for every home or business kitchen, but what about the sharpeners, shears, and cutting boards? Look no further, because we have it all for your cutlery needs. Check out our knive sharpeners that keep your knives as good as new, or look at those come apart kitchen shears that slice up lettuce, herbs and stalks for your soups, tacos and casseroles. Complete your knife sets with these must-have items!

  1. Wüsthof Universal Knife Sharpener

    Wüsthof Universal Knife Sharpener


    German made Wüsthof universal knife sharpener Learn More »

  2. Wüsthof 9" Diamond Steel Sharpener

    Wüsthof 9" Diamond Steel Sharpener

    $49.99   $29.00

    9" sharpening rod that's diamond-coated to handle any sharp knife Learn More »

  3. Wüsthof 10" Steel Sharpener

    Wüsthof 10" Steel Sharpener

    $24.99   $15.00

    The Wusthof 10" inch steel can realign your knife edge quickly and easily, making every knife good as new again Learn More »