Bread Knives

Bread Knives

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These fine selection of bread knives are perfect for any home baker or deli. We have pro deli bread knives, serrated, double serrated and even long-edged blades that allow for effortless slicing of both hard and soft breads. They all tear through loaves without squeezing it, which makes cutting slices a breeze. Pick out your next bread knife from Honeyville, and you won't ever look back.

  1. Wüsthof Bread Knife and Board Set

    Wüsthof Bread Knife and Board Set

    $56.99   $38.99

    German made Wüsthof Bread Knife and Cutting Board Set Learn More »

  2. Wüsthof Gourmet Bread Knife

    Wüsthof Gourmet Bread Knife

    $49.99   $29.99

    German made Wüsthof gourmet bread knife Learn More »

  3. Wüsthof PRO Bread Knife

    Wüsthof PRO Bread Knife

    5.0 out of 5 stars
    $29.99   $19.99

    Commercial Grade Professional Bread Knife Learn More »