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Honeyville's Oxygen Absorbers come in 2 sizes. The 200CC comes in a pack of 50 individual absorbers and the 300CC comes in a pack of 50 individual absorbers. For extra strength, get the 300CC oxygen absorbers.

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Honeyville's Oxygen Absorbers are designed to extend the shelf life and freshness of properly canned and air-tight sealed items. They are used in the food service industry to preserve foods such as: beef jerky, nuts, grains, flours and dried foods. Simply place the little packets in a container with your items and quickly make an air tight seal as they will begin working instantly.

You should plan to use your oxygen absorbers within 6 months of purchase as they will start to lose their strength after that time. Once the package of oxygen absorbing packets is opened, they will start working within 20 minutes of being exposed to oxygen. If left exposed to air, the oxygen absorbers will be rendered completely useless in as little as 5 hours. Plan ahead and use all of the absorbers or seal the remaining packets in an airtight glass mason jar. The 500CC Oxygen Absorbers work for about 75 #10-sized cans or 37 of the 5 gallon buckets filled with beans, rice, flours, grains or whatever you choose.

What does 100cc mean? 300cc? 500cc? CC is a unit of measurement that is equivalent to milliliters. For example 1cc=1ml. and 1000cc or 1000ml=1 liter. So one 100cc oxygen absorber will absorb 100 cubic centimeters of oxygen. Remember that air is about 20% oxygen and 80% nitrogen. The oxygen absorbers remove the oxygen only. 300cc and 200cc are bigger and stronger oxygen packets. You would just use fewer packets when packing your food.

Shelf-Life: Oxygen Absorbers unopened will last up to 6 months. Any unused absorbers after opening should be put in a glass mason jar.

Uses: place in airtight containers to extend the shelf life of foods like: grains, rice , dried produce, and meats.

Packaging: Oxygen absorbers come in 3 sizes and each size has a different amount of packets. The 100CC comes in a pack of 100 count, the 300CC comes in a pack of 50 count, and the 200CC comes in a pack of 50.

Allergen information: This product does not contain any allergens.

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