Did you know Honeyville’s freeze dried foods are used in the camping and backpacking community? Our dried foods are great for taking along your camping trips for a variety of reasons. Dehydrated and freeze dried foods are light weight due to the absence of water. This allows you to pack lots more food at a fraction of the weight. The food is also smaller by volume, so you can pack double the amount you could usually fit. Another convenience is how easily the food can be made. Just add water and the food rehydrates to its original look, texture and taste. The best thing about many of our dried foods is that you can eat them straight from the can.

On the go and having a little snack at the same time is easy with Honeyville’s dried fruits and veggies. For something unique that provides a quick energy boost, combine some fruits and veggies together to create a delicious mix that’s healthy and tasty. Try making your own trail mix with Honeyville’s dried strawberries, bananas, blueberries, and yogurt bites, then add some nuts and seeds for extended nutrition on your hike.

One of our top selling products is our Powdered Whole Eggs; they taste great and cook up like fresh cracked eggs. Since they are light weight, Powdered Whole Eggs are ideal for backpacking and are a great source of protein to start your day. For an omelet, try throwing in some Freeze Dried Ham, Sausage, Cheddar Cheese, Bell Peppers, Onions, or other Freeze Dried Vegetables, and Meats. For the vegetarians out there check out Honeyville's TVP products like Bacon Flavored TVP. Read this recipe post from the Honeyville Cookin’ Cousins Blog for Omelets in a Bag.

Stocking up on a wide variety of Honeyville products allows you to prepare all sorts of light weight meals to bring along your backpacking trips. The possibilities are endless and we are always posting recipes on the Honeyville Cookin’ Cousins Blog. Don’t plan your next backpacking trip without Honeyville’s dried foods.

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