COVID-19 & Product Stock Status at Honeyville

Q: I see that a lot of your 50# bags and bulk items are out of stock. When are you planning to get those in?

A: We are getting more 50# bags (oats, wheat, flour, etc.) every Friday but have been selling out a few days after we get them in. We are thinking that you should start to see those consistently in stock towards the middle of June.


Q: A lot of your freeze dried items are also out of stock. When are you planning on those coming back in?

A: For the canned items, we are about 4 months out from getting more in stock. We are doing everything we can to shorten that time frame.


Q: How can I be notified of when something comes back in stock and/or when you have stable stock again?

A: We are planning to have a way for you to sign up for email alerts when the products you are interested come back in stock. This feature is planned for mid May. To be notified of when we reach stable stock in general, you can signup for our email list. To do that, scroll down to the bottom of this page and enter your email in the newsletter signup.