#10 Can QuickStove Kit

QuickStove fire starter and emergency heat source
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The #10 Can Insert Stove is a new way to use your old #10 cans for emergency preparedness. This #10 can insert stove is a great mobile cooker, and fits in almost any bag. It is ideal because it's lightweight and uses your old #10 cans, which is much easier than lugging around a grill. Each kit has 5 firestarter pucks that are made from cedar and useful anywhere, you can even use them for a wood burning stove. The fuel disks are made to burn for about 30 minutes, and if you need to put it out faster, the puck can be extinguished and re-lit later on. The disks are waterproof, ignite in seconds and are great for emergency heat, cooking, boiling water and more. The Quickstove is a necessary item for any bug-out kit, emergency preparedness, or camping trip.

Uses: Use this for any quick cooking, whether it's in an emergency or on a camping trip.

Packaging: Each quickstove comes with 5 firestarter disks, which are all wrapped individually. The firestarter disk is 1" tall by 4" in diameter. The stove, when folded, is 5.5" long. This kit does not include an empty #10 can.

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