Five Gallon Mylar Bag


Add five gallon mylar bags to your long-term food storage arsenal. They're great for resealing freeze dried foods, restoring them to their original shelf-life. Our mylar bags are sold in individual units.

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IMPAK Mylar bags are a great choice when looking for something to preserve your goods. Freeze dried and dehydrated foods stay fresh longer when they’re sealed in a mylar bag. They’re ideal for those looking to prepare for an emergency or just long-term food storage. To maximize the life of your food, add an oxygen absorber to the heat sealed mylar bag. Be sure to store your packages in a cool area.

Use Mylar Bags for Storing:

  • grains
  • freeze dried or dehydrated foods
  • baking mixes
  • spices
  • candy
  • flour

Mylar Bags Are Good for Long-Term Food Storage because They're:

  • lightweight
  • easy to store
  • waterproof


  • 20 inches x 30 inches

Mylar bags make repackaging your dried goods quick and easy so you won't have to worry about opening a #10 can and your food going bad quickly. Just remove the contents of the can, add them to the mylar bag, along with an oxygen absorber, seal, and VOILA! You've just retained the original shelf-life.

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