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Looking for the latest and greatest deal on your favorite baking or food storage supplies? You've come to the right place. Check our selection of specially marked down prices on some of our favorite products. But act fast, these prices won't last forever!

  1. Oat Fiber  50 LB

    Oat Fiber 50 LB


    Oat Fiber in a bulk 50 pound bag. Learn More »

  2. Honeyville Fine Rice Flour 4.75 lb

    Fine Rice Flour 4.75 LB


    Our Fine Rice Flour is super-fine ground long grain white rice that is allergen-free, gluten-free, Kosher, and non-GMO. Rice Flour is frequently used as a wheat flour substitute in gluten-free recipes. Learn More »

  3. crank can opener front

    Swing-A-Way Easy Crank Can Opener

    4.7 out of 5 stars

    The can opener with a longer handle and easy to use crank that makes opening a can simple and easy for everyone. Learn More »

  4. GF Flour Blend 5 LB

    GF Flour Blend 5 LB


    Gluten-free Flour blend by Grandpa's Kitchen in a 5lb bag. Learn More »

  5. Organic Coconut flour main

    Organic Coconut Flour

    4.0 out of 5 stars

    Starting at: $14.57

    Coconut flour is a delicious and healthy alternative, ideal for gluten-free and paleo lifestyles. Add a taste of the tropics to your baked goods, including breads, cakes, cookies, pastries and more. Note: Current 5 lb. bags are marked best by July 2016 and the price is temporarily reduced for that reason. However, under optimal conditions (sealed, stored in a cool and dry place) the flour can remain good for up to 3 months post 'best by' date. Learn More »

  6. Organic Coconut Oil 16 OZ

    Organic Coconut Oil 16 OZ


    Organic Coconut Oil in a 16 ounce glass jar Learn More »

  7. Organic Coconut Oil 1 Gallon

    Organic Coconut Oil 1 Gallon

    $65.99   $55.99

    Organic Coconut Oil in a 128 ounce container Learn More »

  8. Organic Cacao Powder 5 LB

    Organic Cacao Powder 5 LB

    3.9 out of 5 stars
    $69.99   $56.99

    Organic Cacao powder in a 5 lb bag. NOTE: This product has an expiration date of April 2016. Learn More »

  9. Organic Quinoa in a scoop

    Organic Quinoa


    A unique grain with an earthy flavor, this highly nutritious, organic grown quinoa is perfect for soups, salads and pilafs. Learn More »

  10. Sunflower Seeds 1.7 LB

    Sunflower Seeds 1.7 LB

    5.0 out of 5 stars

    Unsalted, Sunflower Seeds with shell removed in a 1.7 pound bag. Learn More »