Nutrimill Flour Bagger Attachment

Nutrimill Flour Bagger Attachment

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Nutrimill Flour Bagger Attachment

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Wt: 9.00 lb Item # 007-615-0104
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The Nutrimill Flour Bagger Attachment can help package and store your freshly milled flours with the Nutrimill Electric Grain Mill. It attaches perfectly to your nutrimill, is easy to store and clean-up, and is made from BPA-free plastic. Simply put the nutrimill on top with the storage bag hooked up in the bucket underneath, and mill your favorite whole grains into flour that's bagged and ready to go. You get the flour bagger attachment and 10 freezer safe resealable bags, all in one.

Packaging: The Nutrimill Flour Bagger weighs only 9 pounds. Ships in one large 16 x 16 x 16 box, which weighs approximately 9 pounds.

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