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The Torch 250 is no ordinary flashlight. There are 3 ways to charge it: the hand crank, a built-in USB cable, and solar power. It’s also durable making it ideal for when you’re roughing it in the great outdoors!

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The Torch 250 from Goal Zero is probably going to be your favorite outdoors gadget. Once you get a load of all its features, you’ll make sure you have it in tow whenever you set off on an adventure. The Torch 250 can be used as a flashlight, a floodlight, or in case of an emergency a red light.

  • 250 Lumens
  • 7 to 48 hours of run time
  • USB power output
  • Li-NMC battery
  • weighs 14.4 oz (408 g)
Things You Need To Know:
  • The Torch 250 can be recharged by turning the crank; plugging the USB cable into a power source; and sunlight
  • This light serves as a flashlight, a floodlight or a red emergency light
  • While you’re away from a conventional power source, the Torch can become a charging station for your cell phone or tablet, with its built-in USB port

Add the Torch 250 to your emergency supplies because it’s something you won’t want to be without. Not only is it durable but it’s also waterproof making it ideal in just about any situation. You’ll be able to charge your cellular phone during an emergency or while out and about. This flashlight makes a great gift because anyone can find use for it.

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